Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yoga in a Chair

Sometimes I wake up and can't find the motivation to do a whole yoga practice. When that happens, I don't force myself, but I do try to find time to stretch throughout the day. What if you are in the same boat but sit at a desk all day? Simple. You do yoga at your desk. The following video leads you through a sequence you can do without ever having to leave your chair. If your co-workers look at you funny, so what! It's for your health.

This sequence can be helpful for anyone with limited mobility as well. Simply adapt it for your needs. If you are a paraplegic or something, skip the leg work. Adapt the sequence for your individual needs. All that is required is a chair (which can be a wheelchair) and a strap, but the strap is optional. How easy is that? In just 10 minutes you can loosen up from top to bottom without having to even get up.

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