Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yoga for Abs

We all want strong abs-they improve posture, protect the back, and of course, look great in a bikini. In yoga, the abdominal muscles are very important, but the emphasis is not on endless crunches to get a "six pack" look. Instead, the abdominals are taught to work in tandem with the back muscles, the sides, and the pelvic floor to create a strong core that isn't rigid, but sleek and flexible like the belly of a cat.

The following 7 minute video will teach you some basic yoga moves for strengthening and toning the core. I use this sequence in my classes all the time and my students have reported that it has helped diminish their back pain. I recommend doing this once you are already warmed up. A few sun salutations beforehand will really get your blood flowing and make the sequence work better. Afterward, do a few stretches like cat/cow and cobra pose to lengthen the front of the body.

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